Objective / Purpose


Dutch Association of Traders and Processors of Slaughter by-products (HBS)

The HBS is the Dutch organisation that represents the interests of traders and processors of slaughter by-products and natural casings on a national and international level.

The HBS has 8 member companies. The Association supports its members with promotional and information materials and various activities. In addition to representing the members, the HBS provides information and publicity on their products. The Secretariat co-ordinates and performs all activities.

The trade in slaughter by-products and natural casings has a strong international focus. The members of HBS jointly represent some 15% of the world trade in natural casings. In representing their interests, the Association works closely with international affiliate organisations. The HBS is a member of the European Natural Sausage Casing Association (ENSCA). The HBS was one of the initiators of this international organisation.

In the Netherlands, the HBS is a member of the Central Organisation for the Meat Sector (COV). Regular talks are conducted with the Dutch government on veterinary policy and the Dutch contribution within the European Union, and with regard to third countries.

The policy of the HBS is aimed at preventing and reducing trade restraints.

The HBS members play an active role in international research projects to increase the safety and application of natural casings. Information about research projects can be requested via Contact.

The HBS has issued the following publications:

  • "Natural Casings Fan", with practical tips and technical information on natural casings.
  • "Natural Casings Video", on production processes of natural casings.
  • "Natural Casings in Practice" brochure, with views, applications and professional tips.
  • Dutch version of the HACCP manual on processing of natural casings for meat products. € 45,50 / piece.

These publications can be requested via Contact.