Natural casings: the calling card for sausages!

In the Netherlands natural casings represent one of the most important slaughter by-products. The Netherlands play a leading role in the world trade in these products. The HBS members represent about 15% of the world trade.

Natural casings:

  • are a natural product;
  • are edible and easy to digest;
  • respond in the same way as meat to drying, smoking and cooking;
  • are porous;
  • absorb enough moisture;
  • absorb smoke flavours;
  • adopt attractive colours when smoked;
  • are flexible;
  • are environmentally friendly;
  • have an attractive home-style appearance.


The HBS has issued the following publications: 
  • "Natural Casings Fan", with practical tips and technical information on natural casings.
  • "Natural Casings Video", on production processes of natural casings.
  • "Natural Casings in Practice"brochure, with views, applications and professional tips.
  • Dutch version of the HACCP manual on processing of natural casings for meat products. € 45,50 / piece.
These publications can be requested via Contact 

Natural casings dimensions
The diameter of natural casings is expressed in terms of calibre. 
The calibre shows the number of mm of the diameter when the casing is stuffed. 
Example: 20/22 calibre means between 20 and 22 mm. 
The colour of the binding often indicates the calibre.

Supply units for natural casings 
Supplied in hanks or pieces. 
Lengths vary. 
Lengths are measured by machine or manually, when the casings are wet.

Storage of natural casings
Keep unsalted casings cool: 7°C.
Keep well salted. 
In sealed packaging.
Dark and dry.
Storage life: at least two years.